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12 June 2009

Blackbird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera

We're as guilty as the next person when it comes to falling in love with the digital photography revolution. Hell, we're guilty of buying a camera because we loved the fact that it fit into an Altoids tin. But we have to agree with our music-loving, vinyl-hoarding friends when they say that something is lost when we move completely to digital; when a photo is just a collection of pixels on a tiny screen that are just as easily deleted as created. But don't you fret, friends and neighbors, we've found just the thing: the Blackbird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera.

With a design hearkening back to the early days of photography - when many believed having your picture taken might mean the loss of your soul - Blackbird Fly gives you instant street cred and a variety of options to exercise the artist in you.

Unlike other twin lens reflex cameras which use 120 format film, the Blackbird Fly uses readily available 35mm film. The twin lens design allows you to take photos either from waist height looking down into the viewfinder or use the "sportsfinder" for quicker shots. Couple this with the (provided) masks, and you can take photos in the regular 35mm format, square format, or remove the masks entirely for the larger square format that allows the image to fill the entire width of film, including the sprocket holes (our personal favorite). For shooting during the day, you can alternate between apertures f/7 and f/11, with a shutter speed of 1/125. At night, you can switch the shutter to B-mode to let in as much light as you might need, or you can also attach a flash for even more possibilities. In the webshop

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