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28 March 2009

Oohhh... Nesting Boxes - Lok Ming Fung

Whether you collect shoes, books, toys or jewelry, one of the greatest challenges any collector ever faces is answering the Storage Question. Too often our collections end up in attic boxes, stuffed beneath the bed or pushed to the back of a drawer, and this inability to keep them in any accessible order severely limits our ability to enjoy them to their full potential. Marie Antoinette solved the Question as it pertained to her immense jewelry collection by commissioning two monumental cabinets, one of which is still displayed at Versailles and the other at Windsor Castle.

While most of us don't have to answer the Display Question on such a grand scale, it's still rewarding to find solutions that are just as elegant as Madame Antoinette's cabinets but that aren't too large to transport nor barricaded behind velvet stanchions in ancient castles. When we saw Lok Ming Fung's "Oohhh..." ceramic nesting boxes we knew we'd found just such a solution; bedecked with beauteous barnacle-esque bits and equipped with varying numbers of trays and compartments, these handmade works of art will not only provide you with the perfect place for prized possessions, they'll become one. See available boxes in the webshop

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