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06 October 2008

Vegan Wall Trophy: Update

Appealing to our love of nature - both our desire to protect it as well as frame it and place it stylishly on our walls - the designers at Cardboard Safari weren't satisfied resting on the laurels of their original collection of Stag, Moose, and Rhino.

This month saw the introduction of the American Bison, another majestic animal to add to our cardboard collection. In the wild, the bison is deceptively docile-looking and despite being an herbivore will attack if provoked.
Its mild-mannered movements belie an ability to run faster than a speeding locomotive (we know the Railroad Companies didn't like the competition), and leap fences in a single bound! So if you ever see a real Bison, enjoy it from afar, confident in the knowledge that when you get home - safe and sound - you can get as close as you want to yours. Now available (big and small size) in-store and in our webshop.

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