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06 February 2008

Preview: Under the Stump - Heather Louise

We received a small advance of mushrooms and one odd fellow named Uncle Gilbert from Heather's upcoming collection "Under the Stump" which is due to be fully available at egg mercantile towards the end of February. These dolls are inspired by woodland creatures and odd things you may find when looking under rocks & old logs in the forest.

If you are not yet familiar with Heather Louise's work, she makes everything 100% by hand -- everything is hand cut and sewn -- nary a machine is involved in the process! And each doll comes with a hand drawn card specific to the individual doll and most of the large dolls can stand on their own. They are amazing!

Uncle Gilbert is hilarious, we just can't get enough of that guy!


belula said...

Woooowwww....I've discover your blog and shop...fantastic!!!!, and I love Heather Louise's dolls...incredible!!!.

lynne Jordan said...

Just received my second Heather Louise doll. And she is as fabulous as your store! thanks for making he custom order happen!