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29 November 2007

Lola Goldstein

Beyond cute. It's the only way to describe the creations of Lola Goldstein. They are made from white earthenware clay, handglazed and finished. These little guys traveled all the way from Argentina -- it was definitely worth the trip. It's hard to choose a favorite: Friend in a Nut, Tiny Spice Jar, Egg Breakfast Set, or Salt and Pepper -- they're all fantastic! Available in the shop and here in our webshop.


siagrafica said...

Lola Goldstein's ceramic pieces are adorable, all of them. In August, her tea pot was featured on Bloesem as one of my wish gifts {to give to others}.

Will the tea pot be sold through your shop as well? It is #1 on my wishlist... {Salt and Pepper come in second place}!

egg mercantile said...

Hi Sia,

We may get the tea pot in a future order -- but for this first order we were concerned that such an item might be damaged in transit.

What we learned is that not only is Lola a fantastic ceramic artist, she is also a wonderful box packer :)